Most direct way. Flix to Berlin then to Heidelberg, then a train to Kronau. The second bus was crowded but at least not as hypnotic green. And in the first bus I was allowed to get off the bus onto the ferry – for the time we were on water. And there was a Starbucks…

Before entering the second bus I had a 5h stay in Berlin, got me a steak in a diner, marveled about the German digital world (want to see the schedule – look at the poster in the container building)

But I got a nice clean restroom at the diner, some nice drink at a REWE to go, and eventually my bus arrived, the bike was put at the back. Flixbus – you can reserve your seat. but there are no markings. Which means – the current person on your seat (which was me, twice) does not know that it is your seat.

I encountered that on my way to Prague and had decided to ignore the fact that I had payed for reservation and just sit somewhere. raised, not to make a fuss. Maybe because we started from Berlin? I have no clue but I was chased away twice.

People in the bus from Berlin had seemingly been raised to make a fuss… this was the musical chairs, over and over.

Arriving in Heidelberg, grabbing a train to Kronau, riding home.

Hi Washing machine, here I am ­čÖé

Eurovelo – first stage – check. Next will be a piece or Eurovelo 9. Maybe.

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