So, first post-paneurope trail done

They are different, somehow – while Paneuropa wasn’t marked everywhere, same as Eurovelo 12, the px was more accurate with Paneuropa. Long diagonal lines when there are actually curvy streets – that does confuse. Especially when checking all the time if I am still on track.That was super annoying. And does delay for it falsifies the distances. But, ,whatever, it kinda works. I had a whole lot of beautiful landscape, could help someone with my tools, saw lots of awesome bodies of water, met two cats close-up, Ate delicious food, just no frogs. Played a bit ingress, but almost not enough for the streak.

Now the meta-part. Again borders. I crossed yet another one. lots of unused buildings at the border, but people can go there and buy cheap stuff their own country doesn’t provide them with – at least not with this price. Alcohol, for example. Not that alcohol is cheap in Sweden. I wouldn’t know. But a country with fairly more expensive alcohol and super cheap public transport is just fine. I want to continue riding borders. Just to say, if I can ride them by bike, they are nonexistent. Humans here are close to Humans there.

My plan now is the following: pick a border piece from all Eurovelo trails. Ride them. Maybe do a complete one but for now, stick to borders. Just to show that they aren’t there.

Norway and Sweden. Both beautiful landscape, even when I skipped some to the train, just because of me wanting to see Gothenburg.

Both countries being very servicing to their citizens. Higher taxes, but quality life. None of the languages I really understand but one can „get“ topics. Oslo being a smallish artsy capital city. Gothenburg rather displaying as a shopping eldorado.

There’s a whole lot of Europe missing. I now plan to ride each border on a Eurovelo Course. If two EV courses have the same border, then one will do it. I want to do a line each between countries. Connect them by bike. Borders are for people who need borders. But the world, the planet, the oceans, the sky have no borders. You cannot see them feel them taste them. They are only on this world to play „we vs. them“. Can we stop playing this „we vs them“, please? They are us ans we are them . One planet.

This was the start… TBC…….

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