So. Home again. Laundry washed.
So I met this couple – a male and a female cyclist from New Zealand.
They take six weeks vacation time to cycle Germany.
And they just had stoppped for a moment to savor the plums which grew along the way.

While eating some more of the juicy fruits, we discussed differences – weather patterns and insect population. These two wondered why they did not get bitten by mosquitos.
They also wondered if the borders of fields were overgrown with random weeds and other plants – on purpose.

I kind of helped them to find the next camp ground before we all set off our merry cycling ways.
One thought of course… No insects due to insect killer chemistry? No mosquitos – well along the Rhine (there I know that – somewhere else I don’t) they spray stuff to kill larvae.
On the other hand… there are bugs in the air… On the route to Rothenburg I had a flying protein snack right into my throat. And was coughing my soul out for at least an hour later…

Probably we get a bad combination of all. Chemistry. Dry surroundings. More chemistry…
One reason to never touch my lavender while it is populated by bees and bumblebees.
And I will vinture into the Kirrlach forests to figure if there are still those nasty horseflies…

Another thought. Riding Europe. For my next step I just eyeballed the bike path to Prague.
No google maps for cycling there.
The Czech don’t cycle? I cannot believe this.
I am very curious how other countries‘ maps will work… And other bike paths.

Then. Arriving in Crailsheim.
Nobody was answering the bell in my selected hotel, so I just used the phone.
The guy smelled like booze.
Complained a bit about his work hours when his boss wasn’t there.
But… he had a job – and maybe this is a job for keeping him at work. I really don’t know.
He had – in Germany non legal – I guess – work times from 6am to 10pm.
And in my room that stash of empty bottles.
Do I want to know the background here? Not really… just
maybe I would.

Riding Europe by bike – and returning by train. That’s a special thing to do. I was glad that bus driver let me in with my bike. With the replacement busses – people turn away from trains.
On the other hand – that one-day ticket is amazing. Any distance for little money.
Including the bike.
So if it works there is already a lot of incentive to use public transport.

But I do so much still miss the possibility to find a way from A to B on some map program – entering Train and Bike – combined.

Last thought. I am doing this alone. I talk to all kinds of people, listen to them, hope to learn. I do like doing this, collecting vibes, thinking some about those and about ideas others come up with. Maybe the Scottish couple and the Brexit. Maybe the French gentleman and the fountain. Maybe the elderly couple knowing about potability of their village’s water. Maybe the monuments people put up to remind us all about our history and what may never repeat. Much too many of those.
La Tour – and how Sports gets people together. Pictures of beautiful landscapes and forests – forests which are threatened by dry weather.
Castles I pass – thinking about how people lived centuries ago. no luxury…
A lot of impressions. many pictures taken.

Next leg coming up.
soon (TM)

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