So what does one do if one plans to cycle to Praque but the pandemic is interfering. 

Well there is my secondary project hiking the E1 hiking path but also – at the moment I can do small snippets of this – and won’t get far without an overnight facility.

Now that I got a functional inflatable boat I plan to surround all the lakes in the surroundings – that is – all those where this is legal. This is perfect with the pools all being closed for slowpoke people like me.

I am doing some rucking – some on the E1, some with the respective Goruck Rucking Clubs, most alone, for we are still in a pandemic. I picked up the 4x4x48 format – four miles every four hours for 48 hours and we did a sunrise ruck.

I have been submitting ingress banners – to help get others into the great outdoors – and of course have tested them.

Two successful field projects – ingress is possible under pandemy conditions. And keeps my mind awake.

I have re-found my old sewing hobby, sewn and given away several hundreds masks and organized the distribution of face shields when demand was high. 

I have been camping for three days – just me, my tent, my bike, going there by car and being outside. 

So, I figure I restart this blog, featuring a few things I have done in the time I have for physical training and in the time I am not allowed to work due to the pandemy.

And for starters I post some of the pictures I took on my different endeavours.

Masks etc: 


The Blue Cheese Cake project… or – defying „Thou shall not pass“


Three days at the Neckar… Also some ingress involved but especially a lot of nature, lots of km in the sun.

For ingress – twice up the castle… Every conquered hill equals one victory

Hiking boating and rucking:

Sahara Dust goes Kraichgau

E1 near Bretten:

Just a few to showcase. To open up that Call to go out. Play it smart and safe – this virus does not stop in front of you.
But – let’s find those things which we can do instead of focusing on the things we cannot do. 
The next few posts will again showcase that crazy last year. But take this as a starter ­čÖé
Cheers. See you soon (TM)

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