Mission day. Six missions and the participation in Operation Clear Field – yet another GORUCK event. This time there are XF teams as well as mono-Faction teams roaming the city on a wild scavenger hunt which includes photos, videos, PT, and lots of coolpoints.

CadreBarbarossa gave us the task sheet digitally (after the rainy event in Athens where we needed an umbrella to protect it but – where the sheet anyway got to us digitally because of Greek Letters and copy and paste.

After four hours of visiting art, going shopping without buying, explaining XM, doing Physics, eating ice cream, finding Oslo’s oldest street, and way more, we arrived at Cadre’s station, the statue of FDR, and got our patches. After this we still needed a few missions and finished the MD requirement. INcluding hacking the invisible truck portal.

Some delicious Italian Pizza to warm up. I needed to pack my stuff for riding towards Gothenburg the next day. But of course there still was some time for a beer with good friends.

What an amazing city and how nice it is to be back to play and fight together with this crew.

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