I had still been too lazu to set up my tent… Meaning – I got to Thalkirchen around 23:00 after the party, cycling somewhat 30 minutes, it was dark and mainly – the Camp ground was crowded with tents. For last night my airmatress had lost air – was kind of empty, I unpacked the newer nobler version this time, and – snuggled up in the car again.

The next morning was a bit easier – I had slept well and I had coffee in a fielding souvenir mug, my little gaz burner coming in handy. Someone had parked really close to my car so I couldn’t use the side door, which is a bit inconvenient for one cannot open the hatch from the inside. Yet, this ol‘ lady is still somewhat flexible so I climbed over the bench and got out the other side.

GORUCK again…Operation Clear Field is a low barrier entry event, more focused on community activities, we had a scavenger hunt through the city, with a few perks like dancing valse or picking up trash or cleaning an emergency vehicle.

Turned out that niantic did not get all the city licenses – we were allowed a group picture at the Monoptoros, but without any indication that we were at an ingress event. All swag was hidden. Even the shirts‘ decor. We cleaned up trash nevertheless, made our way through the English Garden – and my are people throwing out so much junk into the landscape… I should do this while rucking – waaay more often.

We found a BRK KTW, whose staff was supervising athletes at the local Mammutmarsch. Very friendly guys, we got to talk a bit – did not want to sprint in and out just for more points – GORUCK is about community – ingress is about community – I am still in the game for I do love to meet new people, see how others live, what the do, how we can live together.

Our tour was a history lesson, too… Pacifism is really big in Germany. Or was. Since Russia attacked Ukraine, things have changed. Zum Frieden mahnend – I wish. We had „Frieden schaffen ohne Waffen“ – This works as long no self pronounced autocrat is claiming power. I hate that it does not work at the moment but things are as they are. One more reason for Europe to grow as Europe.

One station of our GORUCK event went by Sophie and Hans Scholl’s flyers. These students wrote and distributed statements against Hitler and paid with their lives. Yes, many people dying in wars are very young. Soldiers, most of the time it is not the old white men dying but kids with their lives in front of them. But – not only soldiers but young people who wanted to do the right thing. Wanted to inform people. Claimed freedom of speech.

We arrived at Marienplatz for a final picture.

We got our patches and then went off to do Mission Day Missions. And then some more. I learned – again – that I am not able to focus long enough for large banners. But then some more MD missions together with another cycling agent. And then – it was time to go to sleep – unfortunately the restaurant I tried to get food from was already closed – so I settled for a coke and cycled to Thalkirchen.

Gratefully I had booked until Monday.

Monday morning – mooore coffee and then breakfast with Kris, just to leasurely meet before he had to go to work, but also to return his plates who had sat in my car until then. I did not even have to break down my tent… Luxury of a big car…

My car got a nice GORUCK Europe patch… I finished a smaller banner – cat and bike… and then got into my hot car – using the solar panel to recharge my depleted power bank. Driving home… Super hyper busy weekend but worth every moment – every person I met, every mental input getting into my brain.

Somewhat tired I returned home (I did a power nap on one of the parking lots along the way) unpacked.

What a weekend!!!

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