Another Flix bus trip for yet another ingress event. And yet another anomaly which was interesting – we did lose again – and again in Europe.

But then – cycling through Reims, incoming town I rode through areas which were definitely inhabited by the poorer part of the population. Their TGV station is way out of town so I covered some distance.

I found my flat, finally got into the room, it was very minimalistic but just fine for one weekend. Reims is a pretty city, two large cathedrals dominating the area.

Not much to tell – meeting people – you always meet new and known people playing anomaly. watching the cathedral illumination. Making missions.

Most noteworthy story comes from inside the flix bus where we entered France, passed bus stop Strassbourg, and then, on the highway Police stopped our coach. Document control. So, ofcourse I carry an ID card but the guy in front of us did now.

And here I was, having passed a border within Schengen area and still get controlled… Our different countries are reverting the policy of getting together at the moment. Whcih is not the way we as Humans can survive… just my opinion…

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